One of the most important innovations in the industrial sector dedicated to our rest is the memory foam mattress, which in recent years has attracted a growing audience of consumers and has long convinced the experts in the field about the quality of this synthetic material, which undoubtedly presents a series of not indifferent virtues but how to choose the memory foam mattress? In this guide we propose all the peculiar features through which to choose the best product in memory for your sleep, taking into account the qualities and also the defects found in this material, thus having the possibility to choose in full awareness whether to abandon the old mattress for this new generation.

What is memory foam?

When we talk about a memory foam mattress, or even a bedspread or topper to add to the bed to increase its thickness, we refer to a synthetic material made up of different polyurethane foams with different densities, which can be low, medium or high, also influencing the final price of the product but not necessarily the quality.

That can be optimal in every case, depending also on one’s personal feelings. The most relevant feature of the memory is the non-deformability, so once the pressure is exerted on a given point the memory returns to the original shape, after a short period of time: this may or may not like, depending also on how accustomed you are, but it is undoubtedly a significant innovation compared to the old spring mattresses. Visit our website to know more about memory foam mattress.

The characteristics of the memory:

This is not the only peculiarity of memory mattresses, which have different characteristics that we will analyze in detail in the following chapters, and which we now summarize briefly in this scheme:


Adaptability to the body

Isolation of movements

Temperature sensitivity

Spinal column support

Undoubtedly memory is a highly innovative material, able to give life to mattresses of different rigidity depending on the density of the foams used in the padding: a higher hardness is perceived in low-density models, which are also cheaper because they use only one small amount of foam, while on the contrary how much more material is used the more the perception of softness increases. We can rightly speak of a semi-rigid mattress with memory foam, the one most recommended by experts to relieve back pain and provide a comfortable rest facilitating the correct alignment between the spine, neck, and head.