The use of a suitable baby mattress is a particularly important criterion in the design of an ideal sleeping environment for your baby, because on the one hand a healthy and restful sleep is particularly important, on the other hand, arise in the use of wrong or unsuitable mattresses for the baby bed possible risks in relation to sudden infant death.

One thing is to be anticipated right away, unlike other parts of the baby equipment, it is strongly recommended to buy the baby mattress again and not to resort to second-hand baby mattresses as they may already be colonized by fungal spores or germs.

Which baby mattress to buy?

As stated below, choosing a high-quality baby crib mattress for a variety of reasons is a particularly important factor in creating a safe sleeping environment for your baby. Whether you resort to a baby mattress made of latex, foam, natural fibers or a combination of different materials is up to your individual requirements and preferences. Corresponding clues or recommendations can be found, for example, in numerous customer reviews on different models.

In any case, it should be ensured that the corresponding mattress is free from harmful substances, not too hard or too soft (baby mattresses are usually available without hardness grade name) and breathable. In addition, it should have a removable and washable at 60 ° C cover and ideally have fixed tread edges.

In any case, it is advisable to resort to a modern and high-quality baby mattress from well-known manufacturers. As a rule, you do not have to worry about possible pollution levels or the degree of hardness as these mattresses are already optimally tailored to the needs of your baby. See all ideal type of mattress for stomach sleepers from our online store.

In contrast to other parts of baby equipment, it is recommended to buy the baby mattress again and not to use second-hand mattresses as these may already be contaminated with fungal spores, germs, etc. However, new baby mattresses may initially smell a bit uncomfortable, which is why they should be “ventilated” for at least 24 hours before use.